SICOCN BROCHURE

The Southern Illinois Continuum of Care Network (SICOCN) was formed in 1996 to bring together public, private, community based organizations, government representatives and consumers to identify ways to serve the homeless by identifying gaps and proposing action to fill those gaps.

The Continuum of Care has Five (5) basic components:

1.    Outreach & Assistance

2.    Emergency Shelter

3.    Transitional Housing (Supportive Housing for up to 2 Years)

4.    Permanent Housing

5.    Permanent Supportive Housing

The SICOCN works together to create and maintain a regional source of services and housing that will help homeless individuals and families move from poverty and dependency, to jobs, self-sufficiency and permanent housing.  The Board is empowered to oversee this effort.

Board of Directors
Effective October 1, 2018

President – Sue Castleman, BCMW Community Services
Vice-President –Anna Margrum, Women’s Center
Secretary – Renee Kindle, Shawnee Development Council
Treasurer – Peggy Russell, Family Crisis Center
Region 1 Representative – Patty Mullen, Good Samaritan
Region 2 Representative – Jen McArthy, Lifeboat Shelter
Region 3 Representative – Linda Bookwalter, SWAN
Region 4 Representative – Camille Dorris, Southern Illinois Coalition For the Homeless
Region 5 Representative – Renee Kindle, Shawnee Development Council 
Homeless/Formerly Homeless Representative – Dorian Heimbach
Collaborative Applicant – Representative-Linda Bookwalter, SWAN


Committee Chairs
Program Evaluation – Peggy Russell, Family Crisis Center
Public Education – Rob Schroeder, Western Egyptian
Membership – Jennifer Harnish, BCMW
Child/Youth Education – Johna Schullian, ROE #21
HMIS – Linda Bookwalter, SWAN

Due to the size of the SICOCN, 27 Counties, the organization is administratively broken down into 5 regions for certain functions such as the Homeless Point In Time Count. 


See list of Regional Representatives above

sicocn map4

The  Region Representatives work with the rest of the Board to bring information about the SICOCN to all interested parties in each region